Collection: Botanical Pendant Necklaces

Experience nature's beauty in our exquisite collection of handmade resin Botanical Pendant Necklaces. Each floral pendant is adorned with organic, dried flowers directly sourced from the flower farm, located in Chillingham, Northern NSW.

These flower pendants are a must-have for anyone who appreciates the allure of real flowers and plants, making them a delightful gift suitable for all ages.

Preserving the captivating radiance of the flowers, these flower pendant necklaces ensure the everlasting beauty of nature is encapsulated in a truly timeless accessory. Select designs even include delicate gold foil accents, enhancing the dried flower resin pendant with a touch of exquisite sparkle. The transparent resin used flawlessly highlights the intricate details of the floral additions, creating an enchanting aesthetic that is both delicate and captivating.