Beyond the Bouquet: Turning Wedding Blooms into Lasting Keepsakes

Beyond the Bouquet: Turning Wedding Blooms into Lasting Keepsakes

From Bouquet to Bling: Preserving Your Special Flowers

Wedding flowers: beautiful, fragrant, and symbolic of your special day. But let's be honest, their lifespan is fleeting. Here at Ink and Shine, we understand the desire to hold onto those precious memories. That's why we're excited to share a fantastic way to preserve your wedding blooms (or any special flowers!) and transform them into stunning, one-of-a-kind resin jewellery and accessories.

The secret ingredient? Silica sand! This readily available, budget-friendly material acts as a natural desiccant, gently drawing moisture from your flowers while maintaining their vibrant colors and delicate shapes.

Why Silica Sand?

Compared to traditional drying methods, silica sand offers several advantages:

  • Superior colour retention: Silica sand helps lock in the natural vibrancy of your flowers, minimizing fading.
  • Preserves delicate details: The sand gently cradles your blooms, maintaining their intricate shapes and textures.

Transforming Memories into Heirlooms

Once your flowers are beautifully preserved, the creative possibilities are endless! At Ink and Shine, we specialize in handcrafting custom resin jewellery and accessories. We can incorporate your preserved blooms into necklaces, earrings, rings, pendants, ring holders, trinket trays and so much more.

Imagine wearing a necklace featuring perfectly preserved rose petals from your wedding bouquet - each piece becomes a unique and sentimental treasure, a wearable reminder of a special occasion.


Ready to Get Started?

Here at Ink and Shine, we'd love to help you transform your special blooms into cherished keepsakes. Contact us today to discuss your vision and get started on creating your own personalized resin jewellery or accessory. Let's turn those fleeting flowers into everlasting treasures!

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